Therapy Age Defying Intro Offer

by Wes Brown on February 9, 2012

Therapy Age Defying:

•  It boosts collagen to smooth and reduce coarseness.
•  It strengthens thin hair with volume building proteins.
•  It has moisture retention properties to combat dryness.
•  It reinforces fragile hair and minimises breakage.
•  It gives dull or greying hair a revitalised shine.

6 x Age Defying Shampoo 200ml
6 x Age Defying Conditioner 150ml
6 x Age Defying Recovery Mask 120ml
6 x Age Defying Protein Cream 50ml

1 x Age Defying Shampoo – Liter
1 x Age Defying Conditioner – Liter
1 x Acrylic Display
6 x Display Paper Bags
24 label.m Retail Bags


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