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A bottle of shampoo. A tube of Color. Ounces of hair product on your Salon shelves. The same ounces that work on the heads of your clients every day. These aren't just simple hair products. These are the final result of so many things that you cannot even begin to imagine. They are beautiful stories made by excellence, enthusiasm, and good vibrations. Like with every story, let's start from the beginning.


Everything we create is dedicated to the hairdressers. Passionate and smart people who deserve the very best rom us. This means continuous connection and support through educational programs that help bring creativity and methods into their salons. We love to share our work, knowledge, and inspiration with people that share the same dream. And the same journey that we started many years ago.


We create formulas, source raw materials, and develop products in our laboratory. We test, improve, and then produce. We don't skip any step of the process because we only trust ourselves to reach perfection. We've been doing this for decades, accumulating techniques and learning from experiences, to become pretty good and very proud of what we do. It's not by chance that ALFAPARF MILANO is now the #1 Italian brand in the hair salon industry worldwide.

We Create color

Every second, across 5 continents, a woman leaves a hair salon wearing our color. A color that is superior, a color that exceeds expectations. How do we do it? Every shade created, each reflection that it is enriched with, everything has been custom formulated; with the latest technology and with the typical Italian approach of doing things to perfection. We call this world "ALFAPARF Milano Officina Del Colore" where we master color to create products of great success. We welcome you to step inside. 

We provide care

Okay, color is what turns heads, but behind every vibrant color, there is cosmetically perfect hair. Coincidentally, we are experts at treating hair as well. All types of hair; thirsty, curly, unruly, you name it. No matter what the issue is, we can solve it. And while our products work on taking care of the hair, women can relax, indulge in incredible textures, and enjoy amazing fragrances. Because a care treatment should be the most satisfying experience. 


ALFAPARF HAIR COLOR - A Complete Hair Color System.

There’s a new generation of hair color in town and we’d like to prove to you that your color results can improve immediately and easily, while also saving you time and money.

Permanent Cream Color with an exclusive patented “3D Technology”:

  • Hyper Intense Color System HCI – Micronized crystallized 99% pure pigments for more concentrated, longer lasting, vibrant color.
  • Multi Lamellar Vehicle MLV – Protects color molecules during oxidation process, so more pigment is delivered into the hair shaft for amazing coverage, vibrancy and longevity.
  • Hyaluronic Acid HA – An Alfaparf Milano first for hair color. Creates even color results from scalp to ends.



A Complete Sulfate/Paraben-free Hair Care & Treatment Line.

The 4th generation of the ALFAPARF’s Semi Di Lino Hair Care line.

5 Complete ranges for different hair needs:

  • DIAMOND – Vitality for all hair types
  • MOISTURE – Hydration for dry, tangled hair
  • RECONSTRUCTION – Repair for damaged, fragile & brittle hair
  • DISCIPLINE – Control & smoothing definition for rebel hair
  • VOLUME – Body for thin, flat hair
  • Free from: Sulphates, Parabens, Paraffins, Mineral Oil and Allergens.
  • The only line for all hair types that combines SHINE + TREATMENT into each range.

New technology: Shine Fix Complex, with Flaxseed Extract for a long-lasting shine up to 24 hours, and Color Fix Complex, to prolong and enhance hair color’s shine and intensity up to 91% after 9 washes

Trustworthy products for stylists with a “mass-market price”.

Tell your Beauty Solutions Consultant that you’d like to witness our “Color Challenge”… proof that Evolution is the best there is!

A Complete Education Plan – From Beginner to Advanced:

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