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New! At Beauty Solutions

Join the 10 Minute Revolution...

Imagine offering your clients the opportunity to cut their color visits in half!  Or, add lunch-hour color touch ups to your service menu.

MEGIX 10 delivers complete grey coverage in a fraction of the time as other color brands.  Formulated with Micro-Pigment Technology, MEGIX 10 provides beautiful, vibrant, long-lasting color in 80 shades.  And, with this new, non-progressive technology, there’s no worries that you’ll get anything but exactly the color you wanted.

Double Your Color Business… starting February 5th!

  • 80 Beautiful Shades
  • Permanent & Demi Color in a 3.5oz Tube
  • 100% Gray Coverage
  • New, Non-progressive Technology


Two ways to get started…

Purchase the Try Me Kit - $54.99  ($74.93 Salon Value)


  • 1 each of: 1B, 5.0, 6.2, 6.3, 6.66, 7.0 (3.5oz tubes)
  • 1 Liter of 21 vol. Developer
  • 1 Color Chart
  • 1 Tech Manual

Purchase the Salon Intro - $399.99  ($517.50 Salon Value)


  • 42 (3.5oz tubes)
  • 5 Liter of 21 vol. Developer
  • 1 Swatch Color Chart
  • 1 Tech Manual
  • 1 MEGIX 10 Poster
  • 1 Color Saver Shampoo Liter
  • 1 Color Saver Conditioner Liter

Get a 10 Minute Color Class FREE, with the purchase of the Salon Intro.

See your Beauty Solutions Consultant for a Class Schedule in your area.

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Harness the power of stem cells to release the beauty potential within hair. Cellula Madre consists of Beauty Genesis, a “Renewing Elixir”, and three specialized treatments called Beauty Mulitpliers, for extreme shine, moisture and strength.

Mixing Beauty Genesis with a Beauty Multiplier causes a gelification process and unleashes an unstoppable chain of regeneration and renewal, yielding hair’s ultimate beauty.


Renewing Elixir with Argan Stem Cells

Beauty Genesis is the catalyst that gets added to the Beauty Multiplier, specific to the needs of your hair. It’s your choice. 12 vials: $36 ACG12


Concentrate enriched with Shine Fix Complex, Color Fix Complex and vitamin complex that boosts shine with no added weight. - 150ml Bottle with dispenser 5.1oz $18 Item: ACGL


Concentrate enriched with Shine Fix Complex, Color Fix Complex and nutri-sugars that boost hair nutrition with no added weight. - 150ml Bottle with dispenser 5.1oz $18 Item: CAN


Concentrate enriched with Shine Fix Complex, Color Fix Complex, Bamboo Marrow and Cortex Repair. Repairs the hair, increasing flexibility and strength, without weight. - 150ml Bottle with dispenser 5.1oz $18 Item: ACR


Paris Leber

ALFAPARF Introduces 3 New Metallic Shades

In both Colorwear and Evolution of the Color

With Support from PIGMENTS


  • Metallic Bronze in Levels 7 and 9
  • Metallic Grey in Levels 7 and 9
  • Metallic Copper Rose in Level 9

NEW... in Evolution:

  • Metallic Bronze in Levels 5, 7 and 9
  • Metallic Grey in Levels 5 and 7
  • Metallic Copper Rose in Levels 7 and 9


  • Bronze
  • Grey Black
  • Copper Rose


See your Beauty Solutions Consultant for more info.  Or, click here to BUY NOW

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New! Precious Nature Color

49 permanent shades in 5 color series

Haircolor born from natural, food-inspired ingredients:

  • RICE MILK with nourishing properties
  • SUGAR helps provide shine to the color
  • color with irresistible textures, extremely rich and creamy
  • 49 permanent shades | 5 color families
  • Customized with unique natural ingredients from caramel to cherries!
  • Inviting fragrance & easy on the scalp for a pleasant & gentle color service
  • Free from ammonia, PPD & resorcinol

Get ready for the creamiest, most delicious smelling hair color you'll ever use.

Cult Favorite

Firm + Flexible Hairspray The professional choice for color-treated hair

PROBLEM: Most hairsprays dull, darken, make color look yellow, or lock hair into immovable helmet-head.

SOLUTION: Cult Favorite is everything you demand from a hairspray, but nothing to make hair stiff, unworkable, or corrupt color. UV filter helps protect color.

  • Super fast drying, working formula
  • Won't cloud or distort color
  • non-stiff, non-sticky firm hold
  • Combable, brushable, flexible
  • Allows for restyling
  • Feather-light, no-flake formula
I Want Body Texture Spray

I Want Body Texture Spray

First of its kind, I WANT BODY TEXTURE SPRAY combines powder and liquid to provide root lift, thicker hair and texture like nothing else. This unique mix can target roots for volume or mid-lengths and ends for dry texture. This is the must-have styling product for fine to medium hair or anyone that loves a volume boost!

DIRECTIONS: Shake well to activate powder and spray. Apply directly onto roots for volume or mid-lengths and ends for thickness and texture. Can be used on wet or dry hair.

Two New Stylers from COLOR WOW

Raise the Root Thicken + Lift Spray

• Instant high-powered lift, exactly where you need it • Works like a spring to support style at the roots • Super-flexible • Long-lasting, workable hold • Doesn’t leave hair stiff, sticky, or brittle. • Safe for delicate color, and color-treated hair

Achieve New Heights!


Style on Steroids Style-Enhancing Texture Spray

• The first texture spray expressly for color treated hair. • Spray on dry hair for major guts, volume, and sexy texture. • Light, clear formula doesn’t cloud color. • Blend of moisturizing elastomers and texturizing micro-zeolites for pliable yet powerful style control. • Ensures color-treated hair doesn’t become dehydrated, stiff, or stuck together. • Thermal protectants provide safe heat styling results, whether straight or curly.

Curl It, Straighten It, Set It, Forget It.


4 Post-Bleach Balancing Toners

  • Pure tone to guarantee shine without adding depth.
  • The soft reflections neutralize unwanted melanin residue without over toning.
  • Gentle lifting power to combat uneven bleaching results and bands of color.
  • Extraordinary performance to preserve the hairs integrity while providing comfort to the scalp.


harmonizers-shop-cart.02 SOFT VIOLET - To neutralize yellow orange tones or achieve an icy effect on light blonde hair

.03 SOFT gold - To neutralize golden tones or create platinum tones.

.01 SOFT ash - To intensify golden tones or make cold/flat tones warmer.

.013 SOFT ash gold - To balance yellow & light yellow tones, making them more natural looking.


See your Beauty Solutions Consultant for more information and to get started with Harmoinizers





Experience creative freedom with this clay-based lightener, ideal for freehand applications that allow you to be an artist.   Paint, lift, highlight and create natural, sun-kissed results with this gentle, no-drip formula. Rich in kaolin clay to strengthen and detoxify the hair. Up to 7 levels of lift.


Get started with the FREESTYLE.LIGHTENER. Starter Kit

This fully loaded kit contains all you need to paint, lift and lighten.


1 x FREESTYLE.LIGHTENER 15.9 oz. (450G)






See your Beauty Solutions Consultant for more information and to get started with FREESTYLE.LIGHTENER.


hair-supporters-for-shop-cart ALFAPARF Introduces THREE New Professional-USE-ONLY Products that upgrades and elevates the end result of ANY in-salon technical service.



  • Endless Creative Freedom in ANY service.
  • 3 unique products can be used together as a system or independently.
  • Re-attaches and re-builds bonds
  • Restores maximum strength and elasticity.
  • Seals the cuticle to maximize shine and the longevity of any service.
  • Restores the pH level of the scalp
  • Provides Scalp Care and Hair Reconstruction while doing ANY service.
  • Helps prevent damage to the hair and/or scalp during ANY service.
  • Compatible with all manufacturer products and product formula.
  • Does not change the performance of any technical product or processing times.
  • Does not build up in the hair.


See your Beauty Solutions Consultant for more information and to get started with Hair supporters




Introducing new COLOR.ME.TONERS in the prettiest pastel shades.  Enhance, refine and soften your hair colour while unveiling multi-dimensional shine and optimum hair health.


These new shades in APRICOT, LILAC and ICE promise to be the most sought-after pastel hues in the industry. These shades have been carefully formulated to deliver multi-dimensional shine and optimum hair health while bringing a fashion-forward edge to the compact colour range.


APRICOT.TONER, one of COLOR.ME’s new juicy, just-picked TONER shades

LILAC.TONER.  Dreaming of soft, dusted lavender locks? Slip into LILAC.TONER.

ICE.TONER. Discover colour so mesmerising it gives us the chills.


COLOR.ME TONERS are Ammonia and PPD free and are formulated with naturally derived ingredients like Honey, Pomegranate and Shea Butter. And, like everything else in the KEVIN.MURPHY brand, COLOR.ME never tests on animals!


See your Beauty Solutions Consultant for more information and to get started with harmoinizers


lvx-collection-for-email “Seven-Toxins-Free” Socially Concsious Luxury Nail Color

Our award winning one-coat and gel-like formula is “7-toxins-free”, vegan & cruelty free and always socially responsible.

  • Ultra Rich & Creamy
  • Super Smooth 1-2 Coat Application
  • Gel Like – High Shine Finish
  • 7 Toxins Free, Cruelty-Free & Vegan
  • Formulated & Packaged in the USA
  • Eco-Luxury Brand
  • Runway Driven Colors (On Trend)
  • Clean & Sophisticated
  • Minimalistic approach with a strong focus on COLOR


See your Beauty Solutions Consultant for more information and to get started with Hair supporters


colormelts-images Introducing Colormelt™, a spectrum of gorgeous shades that melt into one another. Colormelt was inspired by hand-painted techniques such as Ombré and Balayage, but fashioned in a way that requires no chemical services or treatments! Gone are the days where you had to color and potentially damage your hair to get the latest in color trends.

Colormelts are inspired by hand painted coloring techniques such as ombre and balayage.

Available in 12 shades including naturals, metallic, pastels and vivids.

Available in 14”-16” and 18”-20”.

Get the new Pro Color Ring for $299.          X122

Get the Color Ring “Addendum” for $95.    X122A

Hotheads Introduces THE BAND™

THE BAND™  instantly pumps up volume and maximizes length for a gorgeous head of extensions in just a few minutes!

  • Volume and effortless style anytime.
  • 100% Remy Human Hair on a handsewn weft
  • THE BAND™ stretches to fit every head shape and size, without unsightly lumps or discomfort from a poor fit. (No hooks)

THE BAND™ is the must-have accessory for every woman!

THE BAND™ is available in 20 shades including the new Colormelts™

14”-16” STANDARD

14”-16” PREMIUM



Get the new Pro Color Ring for $299.          X122

Get the Color Ring “Addendum” for $95.    X122A

THE BAND™ design is patent-pending

Happy 4th of July

Fourth-of-July art


July means that summer is in full swing, with swimming, BBQs, 4th of July parades and fireworks. And there are lots of reasons for your clients to visit and enjoy services and products! Make sure you theme for the Holiday with lots of flags. It puts everyone in a festive spirit and draws attention to your other marketing efforts.

Here’s are a few of the special days that come with July, and some ideas to drive business in this iconic summer month.

July 4th, Independence Day – Celebrate all month long with a special promotion on a service you’re trying to build. If it’s your hair color business, offer a “Summer Blondes” promotion (EVERYONE should be going lighter for summer!). How about a Summer Extensions promotion?

July 15th is National "Be a Dork Day" – Celebrating everyone’s imperfections! This year it falls on a Friday. Invite your clients to come in and be a dork with you! It might be worth a separate email blast, just because it will get a smile 

July 20th is National Ice Cream day – Offer a gift of an ice cream treat!

There are a lot of July birthdays! Offer a gift with every appointment completed in July by your clients who have July birthdays. Double down if they come in on their special day. Lots of birthdays mean lots of opportunities to sell gift certificates. Make sure there's signage suggesting your services as a great birthday gift option. Because it’s likely hot, wherever you are, offer cool drinks to every guest.

We hope you have an awesome and safe July (careful on your “Slip and slide”), filled with lots of success!


Fringe.Benefits-Slider Fringe.Benefits is a visual aid to help you personalize your hair colour consultations. Our premium fringe collection presents the most desired shades, designed exclusively for Color.Me. Fringe.Benefits captures a variety of depths and reflects in warm, cool and natural tones.

Each fringe is made of a blend of human and synthetic hair delivering a natural, multi-tonal result designed to blend seamlessly with your client's own hair. Each hand-constructed fringe is equipped with a pressure-sensitive, non-damaging clip to gently secure. Our fringes come packed in a premium box featuring individual slots allowing for high-impact colour consultations and convenient storage.

“We’ve elevated and simplified the client consultation process with FRINGE.BENEFITS. The fringes take the guesswork out of colour and allow colourists to give clients a personalised preview.”

REPAIR ME LETTER FROM KEVIN - Helping Hairdressers Build Their Business.

Software coming soon Slider v1 Some of us at Beauty Solutions have been in the business of helping salon owners and hairdressers for over 30 years. While so much has changed in the world of beauty, what’s happening inside salons has not changed. It’s still about satisfying clients and making them feel good about themselves.

[vertical-spacer] Now, however, in the “always-on” digital world, your clients have some new expectations that many salons and hairdressers have not kept up with. Or, to meet these new technology-based demands, we've reached for incomplete or ineffective tools or pieced them together for as complete a solution as possible. Now, there’s a better way.

[vertical-spacer] Beauty Solutions Software is a single, inexpensive solution that solves all the digital and transactional needs of a busy salon or individual hairdresser. It’s always on and always available, from anywhere, on any device. And it works for you while you work, while you play, or while you sleep.

[vertical-spacer] Beauty Solutions Software provides your mobile web presence and integrates perfectly with Facebook. So, if Facebook is your go-to starting point, your clients can start their online appointment there. And, when your clients get their email reminder one day before their appointment, and a text an hour before, you will have just started giving yourself a 15% - 20% pay increase.

[vertical-spacer] Those are the statistics! But it’s just the beginning of what we want to help you accomplish, to earn more money and get more things done that will build your business.

[vertical-spacer] Send a thank you to new clients, get lost clients back, sell online gift certificates, offer rewards for referrals, and even “reserve” products to be picked up at the front desk. All of this can happen automatically, online and 24/7, in-the-background, while you focus on something else!

[vertical-spacer] For a demo, or to start a free 30-day trial, go to Simply click, and you’ll be on your way to having a complete online organizational tool you can rely on to help you grow your business and satisfy your clients.

[vertical-spacer] Beauty Solutions Software is another step in helping salon professionals. With easy setup and a personal coach, you can be satisfying your clients’ always-on expectations in no time.

[vertical-spacer] Wes Brown Beauty Solutions, LLC

How Can You Use PIGMENTS?

In Your Hair Color Services

Color Girl

  • Create new shades
  • Re-pigmentation
  • In the color mixture to enhance or adjust the color result
  • It can be used in any color brand

In Texture & Keratin Treatments

Texture Girl

  • Enrich or correct color
  • During a smoothing service/straightening service or relaxer
  • During a perm service

To be mixed with:

  • Straightening or perming systems* *only to be used in the neutralizers

In Your Hair Care Products

Care Girl

  • Revitalize color in a customized treatment
  • Customize color in all treatments
  • Refresh a natural or cosmetic color
  • Shine service

To be mixed with:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Mask
  • Vials
  • Water
  • Any professional in-salon treatment product

In Your Styling Services

Styling Girl

  • Enrich styling with color
  • It can be mixed with any styling products such as mousse, gel and paste.

Pigments Family with periodic square and pricing

Pigments - Hydrating Shampoo & Mask

Hydrating  Shampoo & Mask

The PIGMENTS Hydrating Shampoo and Mask are specifically formulated to be mixed with PIGMENTS for extraordinary coloring action and perfect stability. They will allow stylists to provide and sell pre-pigmented care products with incredible customized color results!

The range contains a pool of active ingredients able to create a special film that wraps around the hair, allowing to store the water contained inside and instilling shine. Hair is immediately manageable, detangled and fluid.

Hydrating Shampoo and Mask small

Shampoo 6.76 oz Mask 6.76 oz PIGMENTS care products are the ideal vehicle for PIGMENTS colors. *long-term stability is guaranteed only with PIGMENTS Shampoo and Mask.