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February Inspiration & Valentine's Success for your Salon

happy valentine day Greetings all you lovebirds!  Here are a few heart-felt ideas for your February inspiration, and a couple of timely promotions for your Valentine’s success.

First, it's an absolute must to theme your Salon or Station.  If pink and red aren't everywhere you look, then your clients won’t get the message that your salon is a place they can find gift opportunities, and you won’t even be in the game.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, just noticeable.

As always, focus on a few primary objectives: 1) Sell lots of your most profitable services, 2) Keep your schedule full, 3) Bring in new clients, and 4) Stimulate retail sales.

Profitable Services:  Create some special Valentine service offers to match the theme.  Think hair color and extensions, as an example:

Pink hair extensions:  With a single 20-piece pack of pink-ish extensions, you have the ability to sell ten spur-of-the-moment add-ons.  If you offer a single/pink for $25, and consider it only takes a few minutes to complete, what a great promotion!  In a blink, your client is not only fully embracing the Valentine season, she is also a walking billboard for referrals.  So, make sure she’s has plenty of referral cards and knows about your reward for referring her friends.

Pink Highlights or an all-over pink pastel.   How about Mother/Daughter matching pink highlights?  Fun for both and a nice add-on sale.  Again, friends will be asking where they got their Valentine’s Doo, so arm them with referral cards.

Stimulate Retail Sales:  In the retail category, pink lip gloss, red nail polish, pink hair accessories, etc. should be front and center, meaning at the front counter and retail shelves.  PLUS, make sure all your retail shelves are themed in pink and red, and your clients will take a second look at your standard retail promotions as possible Valentine gift opportunities.

Beauty Solutions has two promotions for your considerations:

Keep Your Schedule Full:  Now that you have some special services and retail items to offer, let’s fill up our schedule…

Send an email blast to all of your clients, letting them know about your special Valentine’s Day promotions.  Most of your clients won’t have seen your beautifully themed salon, so the email has to do it for you until they visit.  Most email service providers will have a Valentine’s template you can use to theme your message.  You are welcome to cut and paste the images from our email blast to you.

And, don’t forget to include links to your website, mobile app, Facebook page and your Online Schedule.

*NOTE:  Don’t have all these technology gizmos?  Beauty Solutions Software is coming soon.  You’ll be able to have a personalized web presence and Mobile App that integrates with your Facebook, will allow your clients to schedule on-line from anywhere and anytime on any device, along with email templates and more in the very near future.

Bring in New Clients:  Valentine’s Day just reeks of gift-giving.  So, your Gift Certificate/Gift Card offers should be on every counter and every station, in the bathroom, in the waiting area and for sure on the retail shelves.

There’s no better compliment to you, than to have someone give your service as a gift, of course.  But the long-term ramifications of brisk gift certificate sales means lots of new clients and income.  Because of this, you may wish to offer a reward to those who give gift certificates/gift cards to new clients.


  • "Buy a $100 Gift Certificate and receive a $10 Certificate for your next service." Or,
  • “Purchase a $100 gift certificate, pay only $85 (for services only).  It’s a win for all parties.  The giver gets a to give a more valuable gift.  The receiver thinks they’re amazing, and you get a new client.  Everybody wins!

Find marketing partners:  Think of which other businesses near you are also hoping to grow sales during Valentine's Day.  Florists, chocolate/candy shops, card shops and jewelers are all looking for ways to market themselves too.  Perhaps in exchange for some long-stemmed roses and their counter card being placed for your clients to see, they would be inclined to place your salon special offers on their counters too?  That's free exposure to an entirely new audience and worth some effort to see if it's a viable avenue to grow your business.

How about a Valentine’s “package” with your neighboring florist?  “Purchase a $150 gift certificate, which includes $100 worth of salon services and a dozen roses delivered on Valentine’s day!

Here are a few more random ideas to consider:

  • Make sure your social media is up-to-date and includes the Valentine’s Day theme
  • Start a raffle on Feb 2nd and offer a grand prize giveaway (Service or retail item) for the winner. This can run the entire month of February and still be a “Valentine’s Day” promotion.
  • Double your Rewards Points on Valentine’s Day itself.
  • Offer a special Valentine’s Day package. e. Color, cut, pink extension, and up-doo.
  • If February is particularly slow, your email blast can offer a discount for appointments scheduled during the slowest times. e. “15% off for appointments on Tuesday mornings between 10 and noon”.

In Closing… We hope your February is awesome and with some of these ideas it’s even better.  And, thank you for doing business with Beauty Solutions.  We sincerely appreciate it.