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Salon Action Plan for a Busy New Year (Part 1)

Does your business slow down in January and February? For many Stylists and Salons it does. Here are four actions to take now, during the busy time, to make sure your after-holiday season is the best you’ve ever had. But it’s time to act now!


We start this 4-part post with an obvious no-brainer.  But, don’t assume your clients will think about this perfect gift idea without a little nudge from you.  Here are a few things to consider to make your holiday gift certificate sales pop:

  •  Visuals / Signage: Make sure there are plenty of visual reminders around all areas of the salon. Counter signs displayed at your retail area and on the front desk, and mirror clings (or cards) at every station will keep your gift certificates on their mind and sales brisk.  A 2-sided flier in your window gets clients coming and going. A tent card or mirror card in the restroom is always a good idea.  (Click here for a simple 3"x3" art)
  • Reach Out: Send an email, SMS text or post card to everyone in your client database, suggesting your gift certificates as a great option for everyone on their holiday list (always update EVERY client contact to include email, and their cell phone for SMS texting).
  • Stimulate Jan/Feb Redemption: Choose a day or time of the week that’s regularly slower and target those days for bookings. Consider adding an incentive, perhaps a travel-size product gift, for those who redeem their gift certificate on, say, Tuesdays between 2-4pm, as an example. You can provide this incentive with a small note slipped into the certificate. Ask the buyer for their OK, but generally they will appreciate the added value of your additional gift opportunity.

 Here’s an example of what to say: “We offer an additional gift of a free product if the certificate is redeemed at certain times. Would you like me to add this extra gift option with the certificate?”

  • Timing: It’s always a good time to focus on gift certificates, but December is critical. Start today. Browse your salon to see how many signs you need and where they’ll go. You can be on your way to great gift certificate sales, which will lead to a prosperous January and February!

In closing: I hope you find this article helpful.  Watch for Part 2.  I’d love to hear your comments and any other successful ideas you’ve used so I can pass them on to your fellow hairdressers. BTW: Please be our friend and “Like” and “Share”.  As always, thank you for doing business with Beauty Solutions. We really appreciate your business and friendship.  Wes Brown, Beauty Solutions, LLC