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ALFAPARF is "Game-Changing Color!"

A note from Beauty Solutions:When we agreed to test the ALFAPARF brand we, of course, started with their permanent hair color range, Evolution of Color (EOC). WOW! Tons of shine!   It was deep, rich, right-on-the-money tone with really excellent coverage, even on our two most resistant test models. Not matte or flat, just perfect and natural looking. Add to that, great condition. Everyone has been raving about how great their hair feels. A month later (as of this writing) our test subjects’ hair looks the best it has in years!  Really big WOW!


GAME CHANGING COLOR - There’s a new generation of hair color and we’d like to prove to you that your color results can improve immediately and easily, while also saving you time and money.

Permanent Cream Color with an exclusive patented “3D Technology”: 1) Hyper Intense Color System - HCI - Micronized crystallized 99% pure pigments for more concentrated, longer lasting, vibrant color. 2) Multi Lamellar Vehicle - MLV - Protects color molecules during oxidation process, so more pigment is delivered into the hair shaft for amazing coverage, vibrancy and longevity. 3) Hyaluronic Acid - HA - An Alfaparf Milano first for hair color. Creates even color results from scalp to ends.

ALFAPARF Evolution of Color Tube w Box

EXTRAORDINARY COLOR INTENSITY & SHINE • Lowest ammonia content: 0.7% • Perfect grey coverage • Up to 4 levels of Lift (5 levels with platinum series) • PPD Free with over 90% natural ingredients

Tell your Beauty Solutions Consultant that you’d like to witness our “Color Challenge”... proof that Evolution is the best there is!