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New! Precious Nature Color

49 permanent shades in 5 color series

Haircolor born from natural, food-inspired ingredients:

  • RICE MILK with nourishing properties
  • SUGAR helps provide shine to the color
  • color with irresistible textures, extremely rich and creamy
  • 49 permanent shades | 5 color families
  • Customized with unique natural ingredients from caramel to cherries!
  • Inviting fragrance & easy on the scalp for a pleasant & gentle color service
  • Free from ammonia, PPD & resorcinol

Get ready for the creamiest, most delicious smelling hair color you'll ever use.


4 Post-Bleach Balancing Toners

  • Pure tone to guarantee shine without adding depth.
  • The soft reflections neutralize unwanted melanin residue without over toning.
  • Gentle lifting power to combat uneven bleaching results and bands of color.
  • Extraordinary performance to preserve the hairs integrity while providing comfort to the scalp.


harmonizers-shop-cart.02 SOFT VIOLET - To neutralize yellow orange tones or achieve an icy effect on light blonde hair

.03 SOFT gold - To neutralize golden tones or create platinum tones.

.01 SOFT ash - To intensify golden tones or make cold/flat tones warmer.

.013 SOFT ash gold - To balance yellow & light yellow tones, making them more natural looking.


See your Beauty Solutions Consultant for more information and to get started with Harmoinizers


hair-supporters-for-shop-cart ALFAPARF Introduces THREE New Professional-USE-ONLY Products that upgrades and elevates the end result of ANY in-salon technical service.



  • Endless Creative Freedom in ANY service.
  • 3 unique products can be used together as a system or independently.
  • Re-attaches and re-builds bonds
  • Restores maximum strength and elasticity.
  • Seals the cuticle to maximize shine and the longevity of any service.
  • Restores the pH level of the scalp
  • Provides Scalp Care and Hair Reconstruction while doing ANY service.
  • Helps prevent damage to the hair and/or scalp during ANY service.
  • Compatible with all manufacturer products and product formula.
  • Does not change the performance of any technical product or processing times.
  • Does not build up in the hair.


See your Beauty Solutions Consultant for more information and to get started with Hair supporters

How Can You Use PIGMENTS?

In Your Hair Color Services

Color Girl

  • Create new shades
  • Re-pigmentation
  • In the color mixture to enhance or adjust the color result
  • It can be used in any color brand

In Texture & Keratin Treatments

Texture Girl

  • Enrich or correct color
  • During a smoothing service/straightening service or relaxer
  • During a perm service

To be mixed with:

  • Straightening or perming systems* *only to be used in the neutralizers

In Your Hair Care Products

Care Girl

  • Revitalize color in a customized treatment
  • Customize color in all treatments
  • Refresh a natural or cosmetic color
  • Shine service

To be mixed with:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Mask
  • Vials
  • Water
  • Any professional in-salon treatment product

In Your Styling Services

Styling Girl

  • Enrich styling with color
  • It can be mixed with any styling products such as mousse, gel and paste.

Pigments Family with periodic square and pricing

Pigments - Hydrating Shampoo & Mask

Hydrating  Shampoo & Mask

The PIGMENTS Hydrating Shampoo and Mask are specifically formulated to be mixed with PIGMENTS for extraordinary coloring action and perfect stability. They will allow stylists to provide and sell pre-pigmented care products with incredible customized color results!

The range contains a pool of active ingredients able to create a special film that wraps around the hair, allowing to store the water contained inside and instilling shine. Hair is immediately manageable, detangled and fluid.

Hydrating Shampoo and Mask small

Shampoo 6.76 oz Mask 6.76 oz PIGMENTS care products are the ideal vehicle for PIGMENTS colors. *long-term stability is guaranteed only with PIGMENTS Shampoo and Mask.

Pigments - Colors Everything

Pigments Email Header


The secret components in each of our unique color brands are now available for each hairstylist to create, innovate and provide endless customized in-salon services for every customer, regardless of their own specific needs and requirements.

The Structure

PIGMENTS are enclosed in a sphere of cellulose. Their molecules are free to “float”, scattered in tiny spaces of the vegetal twine where they remain intact, ready to perform. During the mixing process, the sphere of cellulose melts, keeping the pigments’ structure and performance functional.

Pigments are Polarized

Because PIGMENTS can adapt to whatever pH ambient they find, they can be used effectively in all your in-salon services... Color, keratin treaments, and shampoos and conditioners.

In-Salon Services:

1) MIXED WITH WATER: PIGMENTS mixed with WATER are used for corrective color (re-pigmentation).

2) MIXED WITH COLOR The PIGMENTS mixed with COLOR are used to boost or create new shades.


The PIGMENTS mixed with KERATIN are used to enrich and correct color.

Pigment Family shot all colors V2


Color Wear is ALL NEW!




• Tone on tone coloring • No ammonia • Free from PPD • Direct oxidation pigments


• 7 New Shades • 2 New Activators (5 Vol + 15 Vol) • New Lifting reinforcer • Now Color-Matched to Evolution




18 Color Wear Tubes 2.05oz

Receive as a Gift:

4 Color Wear Tubes 2.05oz (5, 6, 7 & 8) 1 NEW 5 Vol. Activator 33.8oz (for Deposit Only) 1 NEW 15 Vol. Activator 33.8oz (for Deposit & 1 Level of Lift) 1 Technical Poster 1 Poster 1 Color wear Brochure

See your Beauty Solutions Consultant for more information, or call: 1-888-973-7546

Join the rEvolution

AP Revolution SliderJoin the rEvolution for an explosion of color creativity!

Color is power! A revolution in creativity celebrates the power of color. To play, to experiment, to personalize every client’s look with ease of direct placement.

Now with only 8 shades ( in new 3.04 oz. tubes ) you can create an incredible variety of signature colors, from extreme colors to soft, shimmering pastels.  Reduce your color inventory and expand your direct color palette by using our fun and easy color mixing chart.  Plus, use our clear formula for customizing intensities.

NEW! rEvolution TRY ME KIT

INTRODUCTORY OFFER Purchase: 7 rEvolution JC Tubes (1 of Each) Receive as a Gift: 1 rEvolution JC Clear 1 Poster 1 rEvoution Brochure 1 Technical Pantone Card


See your Beauty Solutions Consultant for more information, or call: 1-888-973-7546

ALFAPARF is "Game-Changing Color!"

A note from Beauty Solutions:When we agreed to test the ALFAPARF brand we, of course, started with their permanent hair color range, Evolution of Color (EOC). WOW! Tons of shine!   It was deep, rich, right-on-the-money tone with really excellent coverage, even on our two most resistant test models. Not matte or flat, just perfect and natural looking. Add to that, great condition. Everyone has been raving about how great their hair feels. A month later (as of this writing) our test subjects’ hair looks the best it has in years!  Really big WOW!


GAME CHANGING COLOR - There’s a new generation of hair color and we’d like to prove to you that your color results can improve immediately and easily, while also saving you time and money.

Permanent Cream Color with an exclusive patented “3D Technology”: 1) Hyper Intense Color System - HCI - Micronized crystallized 99% pure pigments for more concentrated, longer lasting, vibrant color. 2) Multi Lamellar Vehicle - MLV - Protects color molecules during oxidation process, so more pigment is delivered into the hair shaft for amazing coverage, vibrancy and longevity. 3) Hyaluronic Acid - HA - An Alfaparf Milano first for hair color. Creates even color results from scalp to ends.

ALFAPARF Evolution of Color Tube w Box

EXTRAORDINARY COLOR INTENSITY & SHINE • Lowest ammonia content: 0.7% • Perfect grey coverage • Up to 4 levels of Lift (5 levels with platinum series) • PPD Free with over 90% natural ingredients

Tell your Beauty Solutions Consultant that you’d like to witness our “Color Challenge”... proof that Evolution is the best there is!

ALFAPARF Color Education Now Available thru Beauty Solutions!

A COMPLETE EDUCATION PLAN - From Beginner to Advanced - Beauty Solution’s commitment to education continues with ALFAPARF. AVAILABLE CLASSES: • Evolution of the Color Cube • Color Correction • Perfecting Bleaching • Master Blonding • Gray Busters • Red Revolution • Color Conversion


Watch for our Upper Division Color Technique Training called PATTHAIRN Moods

See the PATTHAIRN Video Trailer here:


Semi Di Lino... Transforming Every Woman's Hair...

FREE from Sulfates, Parabens, Allergens, Mineral Oil & Paraffins • Color Safe • Keratin Smoothing Treatment Safe

For over two decades, ALFAPARF Milano has been tr5ansforming its SEMI DI LINO product line into wonder treatments to achieve shine for hair. Today the exclusive formulas become even more effective with three key complexes, for a true pathway to long-lasting beauty. These complexes not only keep hair shiny for longer, but also treats and cares for the hair. SEMI DI LINO revives every woman's hair!

All Semi Di Lino Products Contain 3 Complexes • SHINE FIX COMPLEX - for illuminating shine • COLOR FIX COMPLEX - for deep rich lasting color • A TARGETED COMPLEX - for specific hair needs

Watch the ALFAPARF Video here: