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New! Precious Nature Color

49 permanent shades in 5 color series

Haircolor born from natural, food-inspired ingredients:

  • RICE MILK with nourishing properties
  • SUGAR helps provide shine to the color
  • color with irresistible textures, extremely rich and creamy
  • 49 permanent shades | 5 color families
  • Customized with unique natural ingredients from caramel to cherries!
  • Inviting fragrance & easy on the scalp for a pleasant & gentle color service
  • Free from ammonia, PPD & resorcinol

Get ready for the creamiest, most delicious smelling hair color you'll ever use.

Cult Favorite

Firm + Flexible Hairspray The professional choice for color-treated hair

PROBLEM: Most hairsprays dull, darken, make color look yellow, or lock hair into immovable helmet-head.

SOLUTION: Cult Favorite is everything you demand from a hairspray, but nothing to make hair stiff, unworkable, or corrupt color. UV filter helps protect color.

  • Super fast drying, working formula
  • Won't cloud or distort color
  • non-stiff, non-sticky firm hold
  • Combable, brushable, flexible
  • Allows for restyling
  • Feather-light, no-flake formula
I Want Body Texture Spray

I Want Body Texture Spray

First of its kind, I WANT BODY TEXTURE SPRAY combines powder and liquid to provide root lift, thicker hair and texture like nothing else. This unique mix can target roots for volume or mid-lengths and ends for dry texture. This is the must-have styling product for fine to medium hair or anyone that loves a volume boost!

DIRECTIONS: Shake well to activate powder and spray. Apply directly onto roots for volume or mid-lengths and ends for thickness and texture. Can be used on wet or dry hair.

Two New Stylers from COLOR WOW

Raise the Root Thicken + Lift Spray

• Instant high-powered lift, exactly where you need it • Works like a spring to support style at the roots • Super-flexible • Long-lasting, workable hold • Doesn’t leave hair stiff, sticky, or brittle. • Safe for delicate color, and color-treated hair

Achieve New Heights!


Style on Steroids Style-Enhancing Texture Spray

• The first texture spray expressly for color treated hair. • Spray on dry hair for major guts, volume, and sexy texture. • Light, clear formula doesn’t cloud color. • Blend of moisturizing elastomers and texturizing micro-zeolites for pliable yet powerful style control. • Ensures color-treated hair doesn’t become dehydrated, stiff, or stuck together. • Thermal protectants provide safe heat styling results, whether straight or curly.

Curl It, Straighten It, Set It, Forget It.

Happy 4th of July

Fourth-of-July art


July means that summer is in full swing, with swimming, BBQs, 4th of July parades and fireworks. And there are lots of reasons for your clients to visit and enjoy services and products! Make sure you theme for the Holiday with lots of flags. It puts everyone in a festive spirit and draws attention to your other marketing efforts.

Here’s are a few of the special days that come with July, and some ideas to drive business in this iconic summer month.

July 4th, Independence Day – Celebrate all month long with a special promotion on a service you’re trying to build. If it’s your hair color business, offer a “Summer Blondes” promotion (EVERYONE should be going lighter for summer!). How about a Summer Extensions promotion?

July 15th is National "Be a Dork Day" – Celebrating everyone’s imperfections! This year it falls on a Friday. Invite your clients to come in and be a dork with you! It might be worth a separate email blast, just because it will get a smile 

July 20th is National Ice Cream day – Offer a gift of an ice cream treat!

There are a lot of July birthdays! Offer a gift with every appointment completed in July by your clients who have July birthdays. Double down if they come in on their special day. Lots of birthdays mean lots of opportunities to sell gift certificates. Make sure there's signage suggesting your services as a great birthday gift option. Because it’s likely hot, wherever you are, offer cool drinks to every guest.

We hope you have an awesome and safe July (careful on your “Slip and slide”), filled with lots of success! - Helping Hairdressers Build Their Business.

Software coming soon Slider v1 Some of us at Beauty Solutions have been in the business of helping salon owners and hairdressers for over 30 years. While so much has changed in the world of beauty, what’s happening inside salons has not changed. It’s still about satisfying clients and making them feel good about themselves.

[vertical-spacer] Now, however, in the “always-on” digital world, your clients have some new expectations that many salons and hairdressers have not kept up with. Or, to meet these new technology-based demands, we've reached for incomplete or ineffective tools or pieced them together for as complete a solution as possible. Now, there’s a better way.

[vertical-spacer] Beauty Solutions Software is a single, inexpensive solution that solves all the digital and transactional needs of a busy salon or individual hairdresser. It’s always on and always available, from anywhere, on any device. And it works for you while you work, while you play, or while you sleep.

[vertical-spacer] Beauty Solutions Software provides your mobile web presence and integrates perfectly with Facebook. So, if Facebook is your go-to starting point, your clients can start their online appointment there. And, when your clients get their email reminder one day before their appointment, and a text an hour before, you will have just started giving yourself a 15% - 20% pay increase.

[vertical-spacer] Those are the statistics! But it’s just the beginning of what we want to help you accomplish, to earn more money and get more things done that will build your business.

[vertical-spacer] Send a thank you to new clients, get lost clients back, sell online gift certificates, offer rewards for referrals, and even “reserve” products to be picked up at the front desk. All of this can happen automatically, online and 24/7, in-the-background, while you focus on something else!

[vertical-spacer] For a demo, or to start a free 30-day trial, go to Simply click, and you’ll be on your way to having a complete online organizational tool you can rely on to help you grow your business and satisfy your clients.

[vertical-spacer] Beauty Solutions Software is another step in helping salon professionals. With easy setup and a personal coach, you can be satisfying your clients’ always-on expectations in no time.

[vertical-spacer] Wes Brown Beauty Solutions, LLC

Marketing for March

Marketing for March Marketing for March

March is here, which means that Spring is upon us.  Here are a few March reminders and marketing ideas to go along with Spring and the month of March.

Key Dates to Remember:

  • Daylight Savings takes effect Sunday, March 13th
  • Patrick’s Day is March 17th.
  • Good Friday is March 25th
  • Easter Sunday is March 27th.

Spring Basics: First, let’s start out with some spring cleaning.  It’s a great time to break up any unsold holiday promotions and put them into open stock, where you can benefit from extra profit margins that the freebies bring.

Invite customers to “March-on-down” for spring specials!  A Spring Cleaning Sale, St. Paddy’s promotion, etc.

Around the Salon: Engage your clients with four leaf clovers, basketballs, and bunny rabbits.  Continue the theme into your gift certificate sales collateral and your clients will find opportunities to buy a gift or two for loved ones.    Let them see that you are clearly a well-marketed establishment, and they'll be more likely to think of your salon as the place to go for gifts and their product purchases in the future. March Holidays and Events: Along with Spring comes the March Madness college basketball tournament.  March Madness is viewed by millions of people, so invite them to wear their team colors, in their hair!  As with any sporting event, team colors are always a hit, and quick add-on sales to many people can add up to a nice bonus.  Here are some promotion ideas to get you started:

  • If your local team wears burgundy, offer a single tab of HOT HEADS Lilac or Purple extensions (from the Rainbow pack).
  • For St. Paddy’s Day, HOT HEADS offers a green/Turquoise, also in the Rainbow collection.
  • "Save some GREEN for wearing GREEN." Knock a few dollars off every service, or a dollar or two off product purchases for people who wear green during their service appointment on St Patrick’s Day.
  • Invite clients to participate in your Easter Egg Sweepstakes (I’m not sure what that is, but it sounds like fun!). Okay… how ‘bout some plastic eggs in a fishbowl, each with various prizes written inside.  Could be something new you want to promote, or a percentage off the purchase of a Gift Certificate, or a mini.murphy to promote your favorite hair care brand.  Focus on areas (services, retail items) you are trying to grow.

Last but not least:

March is Women’s History Month. 

March 4 - is Employee Appreciation Day.

March 11 – Johnny Appleseed Day:  Run a trivia promotion/contest:  Invite clients to write Johnny’s real name on the back of their business card, or have them fill out a short form with their email address, and drop it in a fish bowl or?  Offer anything, from a service discount to a hair care basket to the winner(s) if they got the legend’s real name (John Chapman) correct.  Of course, plan for 100% correct.  They’ll just Google it on their phones!  But, getting all their contact info, while further engaging them in some fun, makes it worth the cost of the prize.  At the end of the month, draw a winner and send an email blast announcing the winner to your entire database.

(John Chapman was an American pioneer nurseryman who introduced apple trees to large parts of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, including present-day West Virginia)


March 14 – Pi Day:  If you are open on Monday, March 11, be sure to celebrate Pi Day (the mathematical constant).  Offer a free slice of pie with any service or purchase over $x.  Or, charge $3.14 on 3/14. In closing… Creating promotions, selling seasonally-themed gift certificates, sending email blasts to your entire client list are all things you MUST do to be successful.  Yes, they are not easy if you have to do it manually.  Fortunately, Beauty Solutions will soon launch so you can do all of these necessary things and more with a simple click.  Look for it… coming soon.


Finally, creating loyal customers often comes down to engagement. Think of all the ways you can engage your customers and have some fun along with a great March!  And, thank you for doing business with Beauty Solutions.  We sincerely appreciate it.


Wes Brown, Beauty Solutions


February Inspiration & Valentine's Success for your Salon

happy valentine day Greetings all you lovebirds!  Here are a few heart-felt ideas for your February inspiration, and a couple of timely promotions for your Valentine’s success.

First, it's an absolute must to theme your Salon or Station.  If pink and red aren't everywhere you look, then your clients won’t get the message that your salon is a place they can find gift opportunities, and you won’t even be in the game.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, just noticeable.

As always, focus on a few primary objectives: 1) Sell lots of your most profitable services, 2) Keep your schedule full, 3) Bring in new clients, and 4) Stimulate retail sales.

Profitable Services:  Create some special Valentine service offers to match the theme.  Think hair color and extensions, as an example:

Pink hair extensions:  With a single 20-piece pack of pink-ish extensions, you have the ability to sell ten spur-of-the-moment add-ons.  If you offer a single/pink for $25, and consider it only takes a few minutes to complete, what a great promotion!  In a blink, your client is not only fully embracing the Valentine season, she is also a walking billboard for referrals.  So, make sure she’s has plenty of referral cards and knows about your reward for referring her friends.

Pink Highlights or an all-over pink pastel.   How about Mother/Daughter matching pink highlights?  Fun for both and a nice add-on sale.  Again, friends will be asking where they got their Valentine’s Doo, so arm them with referral cards.

Stimulate Retail Sales:  In the retail category, pink lip gloss, red nail polish, pink hair accessories, etc. should be front and center, meaning at the front counter and retail shelves.  PLUS, make sure all your retail shelves are themed in pink and red, and your clients will take a second look at your standard retail promotions as possible Valentine gift opportunities.

Beauty Solutions has two promotions for your considerations:

Keep Your Schedule Full:  Now that you have some special services and retail items to offer, let’s fill up our schedule…

Send an email blast to all of your clients, letting them know about your special Valentine’s Day promotions.  Most of your clients won’t have seen your beautifully themed salon, so the email has to do it for you until they visit.  Most email service providers will have a Valentine’s template you can use to theme your message.  You are welcome to cut and paste the images from our email blast to you.

And, don’t forget to include links to your website, mobile app, Facebook page and your Online Schedule.

*NOTE:  Don’t have all these technology gizmos?  Beauty Solutions Software is coming soon.  You’ll be able to have a personalized web presence and Mobile App that integrates with your Facebook, will allow your clients to schedule on-line from anywhere and anytime on any device, along with email templates and more in the very near future.

Bring in New Clients:  Valentine’s Day just reeks of gift-giving.  So, your Gift Certificate/Gift Card offers should be on every counter and every station, in the bathroom, in the waiting area and for sure on the retail shelves.

There’s no better compliment to you, than to have someone give your service as a gift, of course.  But the long-term ramifications of brisk gift certificate sales means lots of new clients and income.  Because of this, you may wish to offer a reward to those who give gift certificates/gift cards to new clients.


  • "Buy a $100 Gift Certificate and receive a $10 Certificate for your next service." Or,
  • “Purchase a $100 gift certificate, pay only $85 (for services only).  It’s a win for all parties.  The giver gets a to give a more valuable gift.  The receiver thinks they’re amazing, and you get a new client.  Everybody wins!

Find marketing partners:  Think of which other businesses near you are also hoping to grow sales during Valentine's Day.  Florists, chocolate/candy shops, card shops and jewelers are all looking for ways to market themselves too.  Perhaps in exchange for some long-stemmed roses and their counter card being placed for your clients to see, they would be inclined to place your salon special offers on their counters too?  That's free exposure to an entirely new audience and worth some effort to see if it's a viable avenue to grow your business.

How about a Valentine’s “package” with your neighboring florist?  “Purchase a $150 gift certificate, which includes $100 worth of salon services and a dozen roses delivered on Valentine’s day!

Here are a few more random ideas to consider:

  • Make sure your social media is up-to-date and includes the Valentine’s Day theme
  • Start a raffle on Feb 2nd and offer a grand prize giveaway (Service or retail item) for the winner. This can run the entire month of February and still be a “Valentine’s Day” promotion.
  • Double your Rewards Points on Valentine’s Day itself.
  • Offer a special Valentine’s Day package. e. Color, cut, pink extension, and up-doo.
  • If February is particularly slow, your email blast can offer a discount for appointments scheduled during the slowest times. e. “15% off for appointments on Tuesday mornings between 10 and noon”.

In Closing… We hope your February is awesome and with some of these ideas it’s even better.  And, thank you for doing business with Beauty Solutions.  We sincerely appreciate it.

Happy New Year From Beauty Solutions!

Jan Page Header - Happy New Year There's lots to look forward to in 2016!

  • The New Beauty Solutions Website
  • Our New 2016 Rewards Program
  • The Beauty Solutions Business Division, including:
    • The Stylist App
    • The Salon Business App
    • The Salon Business Network
  • New Products
  • New Brands
  • Contests & Prizes
  • Lots of Exciting Surprises!

Thank you for your continued business and friendship.  We sincerely appreciate it!

Salon Action Plan for a Busy New Year (Part 3 & 4)

Does your business slow down in January and February? For many Stylists and Salons, it does. Here are four things you can do now, during the busiest time of year, to make sure your after-holiday season is the best you’ve ever had.  But it’s time to act now! ACTION #3:  Sell a Series Gift-buying season is the best time to offer “package deals” in which a series of services are bundled together.  How about a Cut, Color & Treatment series?  Or a Hot Heads Extensions and a discounted treatment with the follow-up re-bonding service?  Estheticians can offer a six-week series in a “re-surfacing” package.  Many services can be sold as a series. Consider your service specialty(s), or those services you wish to increase.

Anything you can do to get an extra visit or two from each and every client gives you an opportunity to create more value for them and earn more income for yourself.  It’s a win-win proposition and studies show that even small increases in customer visitation can add significantly to a salon’s bottom line… individual stylists too.

Especially when you have a new client and your consultation has revealed a desire for big changes, why try to do it all in one day?  Stretch it out to bring them in one, or even two extra times.  Your January and February will thank you for it!

#4:  Instant Appointment Email Blast and/or Text (SMS) This strategy isn't just for the New Year, as it can be useful any time you find holes in your schedule.  So tuck it away for when you need it most.

You don’t need to spend a fortune with Groupon or another deep-discount service to fill your empty stations.  Pick those specific times when the salon is slow and develop one or two special opportunities for unscheduled clients to save, and send an email blast to your entire database of clients.

Here’s an example email message, which would be sent at 8:00 a.m. on the day of the targeted time slot:

“We have an unexpected cancelation today, between 2:00 and 4:00 pm.  The first responder to this message gets 25% off (whichever service you’ve chosen).”

Of course, you can offer anything, but you get the idea. An email blast is a great way to fill empty time slots or build business for newer hairdressers.  It’s also a great way to build a new category of service such as Hair Extensions or Smoothing Treatments.

Take care not to over-discount.  Being slow is bad, but losing money is worse.

For this strategy to work, you’ll need to collect every email and cell phone number you can get from your clients.  Keeping that client contact info organized and up-to-date is critical to successful implementation of any marketing/sales strategy!

One last thought – While email is practically free, SMS texting may be costly.  Check your rates before pulling the trigger.  Generally, an email blast is the right format for this type of endeavor anyway, so you may want to save your SMS for appointment reminders.

In closing: I hope you find this article helpful. I’d love to hear your comments and any other successful ideas you’ve used so I can pass them on to your fellow hairdressers. BTW: Please be our friend and “Like” and “Share”.  As always, thank you for doing business with Beauty Solutions. We really appreciate your business and friendship.  Wes Brown, Beauty Solutions, LLC

Salon Action Plan for a Busy New Year (Part 2)

Does your business slow down in January and February? For many Stylists and Salons, it does. Here are four things you can do now, during the busiest time of year, to make sure your after-holiday season is the best you’ve ever had.  But it’s time to act now! ACTION #2: PRE-BOOK

Of course, it goes without saying, pre-booking should be something we all do, all the time. But for many, this is not a habit and may require a cultural shift in the salon, or, at least, a real effort to remind yourself (sticky notes on your calendar?).

It may also be a new addition to the client experience, one that is likely to be considered MORE professional and a positive, rather than a negative. If pre-booking has not been part of your SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), you’ll be introducing a new client action you’ll want to be repeated for each and every client and each and every visit.

Getting started: It starts with a simple question, or assumptive statement: “Shall we get your next appointment on the schedule?” Or,”Let’s make sure we have you on the schedule for your next appointment.”

Still uneasy?  Here are a few ways to kick it up a notch:

Perhaps an incentive is a way to get started. You can offer a sample-size of your favorite product to stimulate the booked appointment and a travel-size product gift upon completing their pre-booked appointment.

Drawings are a good way of incentivizing a large number of people. Rather than giving something to every pre-booked appointment, a gift basket valued at $50 may get all your clients taking action.  While $50 may sound like a lot, it could be far less than giving a $4-5 (cost) travel size to 100 clients.

When you feel you and your clients have established a firm habit, you can decide to reduce or drop the incentive(s).

Stimulate Jan/Feb Bookings: Just like gift certificates, pre-booking in December can turn your slower, after-holiday season into a prosperous period. Again, if there’s a specific day of the week or time of day that you would like to target for bookings, then your incentives should be specific to that target.

Reminders: As with any appointment, a reminder call, e-mail, or postcard before the appointment will cut down on no-shows. A text message on the morning of the appointment is most effective of all.

In closing: I hope you find this article helpful.  Watch for Parts 3 and 4.  I’d love to hear your comments and any other successful ideas you’ve used so I can pass them on to your fellow hairdressers. BTW: Please be our friend and “Like” and “Share”.  As always, thank you for doing business with Beauty Solutions. We really appreciate your business and friendship.  Wes Brown, Beauty Solutions, LLC

Salon Action Plan for a Busy New Year (Part 1)

Does your business slow down in January and February? For many Stylists and Salons it does. Here are four actions to take now, during the busy time, to make sure your after-holiday season is the best you’ve ever had. But it’s time to act now!


We start this 4-part post with an obvious no-brainer.  But, don’t assume your clients will think about this perfect gift idea without a little nudge from you.  Here are a few things to consider to make your holiday gift certificate sales pop:

  •  Visuals / Signage: Make sure there are plenty of visual reminders around all areas of the salon. Counter signs displayed at your retail area and on the front desk, and mirror clings (or cards) at every station will keep your gift certificates on their mind and sales brisk.  A 2-sided flier in your window gets clients coming and going. A tent card or mirror card in the restroom is always a good idea.  (Click here for a simple 3"x3" art)
  • Reach Out: Send an email, SMS text or post card to everyone in your client database, suggesting your gift certificates as a great option for everyone on their holiday list (always update EVERY client contact to include email, and their cell phone for SMS texting).
  • Stimulate Jan/Feb Redemption: Choose a day or time of the week that’s regularly slower and target those days for bookings. Consider adding an incentive, perhaps a travel-size product gift, for those who redeem their gift certificate on, say, Tuesdays between 2-4pm, as an example. You can provide this incentive with a small note slipped into the certificate. Ask the buyer for their OK, but generally they will appreciate the added value of your additional gift opportunity.

 Here’s an example of what to say: “We offer an additional gift of a free product if the certificate is redeemed at certain times. Would you like me to add this extra gift option with the certificate?”

  • Timing: It’s always a good time to focus on gift certificates, but December is critical. Start today. Browse your salon to see how many signs you need and where they’ll go. You can be on your way to great gift certificate sales, which will lead to a prosperous January and February!

In closing: I hope you find this article helpful.  Watch for Part 2.  I’d love to hear your comments and any other successful ideas you’ve used so I can pass them on to your fellow hairdressers. BTW: Please be our friend and “Like” and “Share”.  As always, thank you for doing business with Beauty Solutions. We really appreciate your business and friendship.  Wes Brown, Beauty Solutions, LLC