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ALFAPARF is "Game-Changing Color!"

A note from Beauty Solutions:When we agreed to test the ALFAPARF brand we, of course, started with their permanent hair color range, Evolution of Color (EOC). WOW! Tons of shine!   It was deep, rich, right-on-the-money tone with really excellent coverage, even on our two most resistant test models. Not matte or flat, just perfect and natural looking. Add to that, great condition. Everyone has been raving about how great their hair feels. A month later (as of this writing) our test subjects’ hair looks the best it has in years!  Really big WOW!


GAME CHANGING COLOR - There’s a new generation of hair color and we’d like to prove to you that your color results can improve immediately and easily, while also saving you time and money.

Permanent Cream Color with an exclusive patented “3D Technology”: 1) Hyper Intense Color System - HCI - Micronized crystallized 99% pure pigments for more concentrated, longer lasting, vibrant color. 2) Multi Lamellar Vehicle - MLV - Protects color molecules during oxidation process, so more pigment is delivered into the hair shaft for amazing coverage, vibrancy and longevity. 3) Hyaluronic Acid - HA - An Alfaparf Milano first for hair color. Creates even color results from scalp to ends.

ALFAPARF Evolution of Color Tube w Box

EXTRAORDINARY COLOR INTENSITY & SHINE • Lowest ammonia content: 0.7% • Perfect grey coverage • Up to 4 levels of Lift (5 levels with platinum series) • PPD Free with over 90% natural ingredients

Tell your Beauty Solutions Consultant that you’d like to witness our “Color Challenge”... proof that Evolution is the best there is!

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NEW from label.m

- Color Sprays Collection (AZ / NV Only)

New from EcoTech Color

- 4 new REDS


- Get The Look #122

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PRIVE' Apothecary Hair Care

Brilliant stylemaker and top Hollywood Stylist for over 20 years, Laurent D is the creative force behind Privé products. His French influenced techniques and style have earned him a reputation for artistic, cutting-edge hairstyling and has drawn an impressive list of Celebrity and Tastemaker Clients from Film, TV and Music including Johnny Depp, Gwyneth Paltrow, Uma Thurman, Tina Fey and Jewel. While Laurent created innovative and trendsetting styles for his movie and television clientele, he was inspired to develop a line of hair care formulas that could perform up to the expectations of the most elite stylists and their clients. Laurent’s discovery of this untapped need for a private reserve of products led to the creation of Privé formule aux herbes.

Returning to his French heritage, Laurent personally developed select herbal blends to achieve the most challenging styles naturally. Laurent’s dedication to improving environmental conditions in the hair care industry led him to expand his successful product line by introducing Concept Vert, which contains certified organic extracts, is not tested on animals, is Sulfate and Paraben-free and uses a patented air powered technology delivery system which provides two times the applications versus regular products. The packaging is also reusable, refillable and recyclable for a complete eco-friendly experience.

Laurent is passionate about superior, hands-on education for Stylists and is personally involved in all aspects of The Privé  Academy. During New York Fashion Week, Laurent invites stylists at the Prive’ Academy to join him and his team as they work backstage for fashion label runway shows.

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SHIMMER.SHINE Repairing Shine Mist - New...From KEVIN.MURPHY

Repairing Shine Mist • The 1st product in a new category: Treatment/Repair.  Treatment & Repair in one!

• Revive shine PLUS repair hair with this finishing mist.

• When applied to wet hair, you’ll receive the full benefits of the treatment properties and your hair will feel super-soft and conditioned.

• Use as a finisher to remove flyaway hair and add shine and lustre.

• Light-reflective technology from high-end skincare adds a brilliant shine to hair with no oily residue.

HINT:  Give the bottle a gentle twirl to activate the ingredients.


Renew youthful lustre and shine to dry, damaged or brittle hair with the new YOUNG.AGAIN three-part system designed to address the effects of ageing on the hair. Inspired by high-end skincare, the YOUNG.AGAIN range yields optimal results while addressing the three types of ageing on the hair – hormonal, environmental and chemical. YOUNG.AGAIN.WASH is an Immortelle / Baobab infused restorative shampoo. Anti-ageing extracts from Lotus flower and Orchid, help to renew youthful lustre, softness and shine to dry brittle hair.

YOUNG.AGAIN.RINSE is an Immortelle / Baobab infused restorative conditioner. This softening conditioner will nourish and restore youthful lustre to dry brittle or damaged hair. Bamboo and Lotus Extracts strengthen, whilst Baobab and Mango seed oils smooth frizzy hair.

YOUNG.AGAIN.MASQUE an Immortelle / Baobab infused restorative masque. A softening and deep conditioning restorative masque with Quinoa and Rice Proteins, Immortelle, Lotus Flower and Baobab Seed oils to renew youthful lustre to dry damaged or brittle hair.

Kevin says: “You can use just the WASH and the RINSE together on their own, and they are excellent on their own. However if you want the full effect, you must include the MASQUE into your regimen.

The RINSE must always be the last thing used as it locks the cuticle down tight.  Always leave a tiny bit  of the RINSE still in your hair, do not fully rinse it out to get the full benefits.  See my video for more info.”


Natural finish, firm hold rubbery gel. A no flake,water-soluble setting and molding gel. With extract from Green Tea & Bamboo.  Apply to damp or dry hair.


I created SUPER.GOO because I needed a product that gave the hair a chunky, separated look.  Traditionally, gels were used but they became flaky or oily and left the hair crunchy.  SUPER.GOO is flexible but still has a firm hold with a rubber-like, natural finish that gives it a ‘certain bounce’. Unlike a paste, SUPER.GOO is not dry.

I.C.O.N. Vegas 2011

Salon Success Blog & Beauty Solutions interview with Chiara, president of I.C.O.N. Line Haircare USA, at CosmoProf 2011 Las Vegas.