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colormelts-images Introducing Colormelt™, a spectrum of gorgeous shades that melt into one another. Colormelt was inspired by hand-painted techniques such as Ombré and Balayage, but fashioned in a way that requires no chemical services or treatments! Gone are the days where you had to color and potentially damage your hair to get the latest in color trends.

Colormelts are inspired by hand painted coloring techniques such as ombre and balayage.

Available in 12 shades including naturals, metallic, pastels and vivids.

Available in 14”-16” and 18”-20”.

Get the new Pro Color Ring for $299.          X122

Get the Color Ring “Addendum” for $95.    X122A

Hotheads Introduces THE BAND™

THE BAND™  instantly pumps up volume and maximizes length for a gorgeous head of extensions in just a few minutes!

  • Volume and effortless style anytime.
  • 100% Remy Human Hair on a handsewn weft
  • THE BAND™ stretches to fit every head shape and size, without unsightly lumps or discomfort from a poor fit. (No hooks)

THE BAND™ is the must-have accessory for every woman!

THE BAND™ is available in 20 shades including the new Colormelts™

14”-16” STANDARD

14”-16” PREMIUM



Get the new Pro Color Ring for $299.          X122

Get the Color Ring “Addendum” for $95.    X122A

THE BAND™ design is patent-pending

New from HOT HEADS ... a full line of hair care for 2nd and/or processed hair.

The HOT HEADS Hair Care line offers a unique new combination of  the purest ingredients, free of sulfates and parabens, specifically formulated to lengthen the life of hair extensions, second hair and processed hair. Smart Extension Experts will always add a HOT HEADS Home Care Kit to every extension service.

Ask your  Beauty Solutions Consultant for more information and to check out the entire new range with the HOT HEADS Client Home Care Kit.  Or call 1-888-973-7546 for more information.

Murietta Salons Learn HotHeads Extensions.

Murietta, CA:  Salon professionals gathered at Salon Bruce Stuart in Murietta yesterday to learn how to apply a full head of beautiful Hot Heads extensions in about an hour.  The demo covers WHY Hot Heads are better, HOW to apply them and re-bond them during subsequent visits, and HOW to grow their business with extensions. Beauty Solution’s very talented SoCal Hot Heads Trainer was Becky Mitchell, and our Before & After model is Diane Homis, owner of Image Makers Salon in Murietta, CA. (Thanks Diane, and Salon Bruce Stuart!)

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