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Trissola True - A Life-Changing Service!

You’ve heard the stories… after a life-time of fighting every day with frizzy, unmanageable, dry and brittle hair, her hairstylist suggests a new Smoothing Treatment called Trissola True. 90 minutes later she walks out of the salon with amazing, silky smooth and shiny hair. She can’t believe how wonderful it looks and feels.  But the test will be what happens when she attempts to style her hair at home. The next day, she emerges from her shower, towel dries her hair and simply can’t believe how great her hair looks and feels and falls just the way she’s always hoped and dreamed. Not stick straight. But responsive to every styling whim she can think up and it’s almost no work at all. And it’s still amazing, silky smooth and shiny hair!

TrissolaWes Brown