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Happy 4th of July

Fourth-of-July art


July means that summer is in full swing, with swimming, BBQs, 4th of July parades and fireworks. And there are lots of reasons for your clients to visit and enjoy services and products! Make sure you theme for the Holiday with lots of flags. It puts everyone in a festive spirit and draws attention to your other marketing efforts.

Here’s are a few of the special days that come with July, and some ideas to drive business in this iconic summer month.

July 4th, Independence Day – Celebrate all month long with a special promotion on a service you’re trying to build. If it’s your hair color business, offer a “Summer Blondes” promotion (EVERYONE should be going lighter for summer!). How about a Summer Extensions promotion?

July 15th is National "Be a Dork Day" – Celebrating everyone’s imperfections! This year it falls on a Friday. Invite your clients to come in and be a dork with you! It might be worth a separate email blast, just because it will get a smile 

July 20th is National Ice Cream day – Offer a gift of an ice cream treat!

There are a lot of July birthdays! Offer a gift with every appointment completed in July by your clients who have July birthdays. Double down if they come in on their special day. Lots of birthdays mean lots of opportunities to sell gift certificates. Make sure there's signage suggesting your services as a great birthday gift option. Because it’s likely hot, wherever you are, offer cool drinks to every guest.

We hope you have an awesome and safe July (careful on your “Slip and slide”), filled with lots of success!