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Introducing Trissola

2 NEW Keratin Smoothing Systems!

SOLO is the NEW Formaldehyde-Free Treatment! ONE BOTTLE, ONE STEP, IT’S THAT EASY!

TRUE is the NEW Traditional Keratin Treatment


SOLO Formaldehyde-Free Smoothing Treatment


Takes only 90 minutes. No wait time, wash the same day.

  • Straighten
  • Smooth
  • Shield
  • Strengthen


Q: What is the difference between SOLO and a chemical relaxer? A: Solo is a keratin-based smoothing treatment that will restructure the hair, adding softness and shine. It does not permanently alter the hair structure like a relaxer.

Q: How long does SOLO last? A: Solo will last up to three months depending on porosity, texture and how often your clients wash their hair.


TRUE Traditional Keratin Treatment

True is a heat activated restructuring process and keratin treatment that can be used on every hair type.

  • Eliminate frizz and unwanted curls.
  • High gloss shine for up to six months!

Takes only 90 minutes. No wait time, wash the same day.