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Pigments - Colors Everything

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The secret components in each of our unique color brands are now available for each hairstylist to create, innovate and provide endless customized in-salon services for every customer, regardless of their own specific needs and requirements.

The Structure

PIGMENTS are enclosed in a sphere of cellulose. Their molecules are free to “float”, scattered in tiny spaces of the vegetal twine where they remain intact, ready to perform. During the mixing process, the sphere of cellulose melts, keeping the pigments’ structure and performance functional.

Pigments are Polarized

Because PIGMENTS can adapt to whatever pH ambient they find, they can be used effectively in all your in-salon services... Color, keratin treaments, and shampoos and conditioners.

In-Salon Services:

1) MIXED WITH WATER: PIGMENTS mixed with WATER are used for corrective color (re-pigmentation).

2) MIXED WITH COLOR The PIGMENTS mixed with COLOR are used to boost or create new shades.


The PIGMENTS mixed with KERATIN are used to enrich and correct color.

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