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Salon Action Plan for a Busy New Year (Part 2)

Does your business slow down in January and February? For many Stylists and Salons, it does. Here are four things you can do now, during the busiest time of year, to make sure your after-holiday season is the best you’ve ever had.  But it’s time to act now! ACTION #2: PRE-BOOK

Of course, it goes without saying, pre-booking should be something we all do, all the time. But for many, this is not a habit and may require a cultural shift in the salon, or, at least, a real effort to remind yourself (sticky notes on your calendar?).

It may also be a new addition to the client experience, one that is likely to be considered MORE professional and a positive, rather than a negative. If pre-booking has not been part of your SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), you’ll be introducing a new client action you’ll want to be repeated for each and every client and each and every visit.

Getting started: It starts with a simple question, or assumptive statement: “Shall we get your next appointment on the schedule?” Or,”Let’s make sure we have you on the schedule for your next appointment.”

Still uneasy?  Here are a few ways to kick it up a notch:

Perhaps an incentive is a way to get started. You can offer a sample-size of your favorite product to stimulate the booked appointment and a travel-size product gift upon completing their pre-booked appointment.

Drawings are a good way of incentivizing a large number of people. Rather than giving something to every pre-booked appointment, a gift basket valued at $50 may get all your clients taking action.  While $50 may sound like a lot, it could be far less than giving a $4-5 (cost) travel size to 100 clients.

When you feel you and your clients have established a firm habit, you can decide to reduce or drop the incentive(s).

Stimulate Jan/Feb Bookings: Just like gift certificates, pre-booking in December can turn your slower, after-holiday season into a prosperous period. Again, if there’s a specific day of the week or time of day that you would like to target for bookings, then your incentives should be specific to that target.

Reminders: As with any appointment, a reminder call, e-mail, or postcard before the appointment will cut down on no-shows. A text message on the morning of the appointment is most effective of all.

In closing: I hope you find this article helpful.  Watch for Parts 3 and 4.  I’d love to hear your comments and any other successful ideas you’ve used so I can pass them on to your fellow hairdressers. BTW: Please be our friend and “Like” and “Share”.  As always, thank you for doing business with Beauty Solutions. We really appreciate your business and friendship.  Wes Brown, Beauty Solutions, LLC