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Stained Glass Box Set

Welcome to the wonderful world of Stained Glass….

ICON is both pleased and excited to introduce this wonderful product which has already experienced great success throughout the world!

Imagine… translucency with glasses of blonde, gold, orange, red, purple, chocolate and even clear. Imagine… transparency with glasses stained in exquisite shades of highly reflective, prismatic color. This is color as imagined by Stained Glass; deposit only, pigment dense, peroxide free, ammonia free, alcohol free, paraben free and PPD free shades seal in shine and lock down color. Take your breath away in 15 shades with pure pigments of color.

The colors of Stained Glass can and should be used to improve the quality of hair, adding a new dimension of depth and shine.  Each application changes hair’s texture, creating a silkier feel and a glossier look.  It can be used to refresh color, making it the perfect in-between chemical-coloring service.  It functions as a toner, an interim color and a temporary color, always returning hair to optimum health, quality and manageability.

Stained Glass is a cuticular color that is designed to add to your color services, not replace them.  It is a semi-demi color product that lasts up to three to four weeks (roughly 10-15 shampoos).  Please note that you will see residual color with the first shampoo since this is not a permanent color.  The application of Stained Glass is a special procedure and its importance is outlined below…

  • Shampoo Hair - ICON recommends the use of Energy to completely detoxify the hair prior to application
  • Towel dry 70% - The removal of moisture is paramount
  • Whip color -  ICON has merchandising kits available that includes all the essential Stained Glass tools
  • Apply color -  Brush and Bowl application - Saturate the hair from roots to end
  • Affix a cap -  Seal in the color
  • Dryer for 20-30 minutes depending on the length and porosity of hair
  • Remove plastic cap - the cooling process is very important as the air breaks up color pigments for even distribution and allows the cuticle to be sealed
  • Rinse completely – no shampoo required
  • Condition as desired