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Software coming soon Slider v1 Some of us at Beauty Solutions have been in the business of helping salon owners and hairdressers for over 30 years. While so much has changed in the world of beauty, what’s happening inside salons has not changed. It’s still about satisfying clients and making them feel good about themselves.

[vertical-spacer] Now, however, in the “always-on” digital world, your clients have some new expectations that many salons and hairdressers have not kept up with. Or, to meet these new technology-based demands, we've reached for incomplete or ineffective tools or pieced them together for as complete a solution as possible. Now, there’s a better way.

[vertical-spacer] Beauty Solutions Software is a single, inexpensive solution that solves all the digital and transactional needs of a busy salon or individual hairdresser. It’s always on and always available, from anywhere, on any device. And it works for you while you work, while you play, or while you sleep.

[vertical-spacer] Beauty Solutions Software provides your mobile web presence and integrates perfectly with Facebook. So, if Facebook is your go-to starting point, your clients can start their online appointment there. And, when your clients get their email reminder one day before their appointment, and a text an hour before, you will have just started giving yourself a 15% - 20% pay increase.

[vertical-spacer] Those are the statistics! But it’s just the beginning of what we want to help you accomplish, to earn more money and get more things done that will build your business.

[vertical-spacer] Send a thank you to new clients, get lost clients back, sell online gift certificates, offer rewards for referrals, and even “reserve” products to be picked up at the front desk. All of this can happen automatically, online and 24/7, in-the-background, while you focus on something else!

[vertical-spacer] For a demo, or to start a free 30-day trial, go to Simply click, and you’ll be on your way to having a complete online organizational tool you can rely on to help you grow your business and satisfy your clients.

[vertical-spacer] Beauty Solutions Software is another step in helping salon professionals. With easy setup and a personal coach, you can be satisfying your clients’ always-on expectations in no time.

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