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Kevin has ventured back to the era of the APOTHECARIST and PERFUMER where precious elements such as essential oils, plant extracts and other formulations were mixed together for potency and extreme effectiveness in CRUETS, FLACONS and other tools of the trade. Kevin has crafted the best of nature and science for the salon, with a touch of romance and ritual.


“The TREAT.ME range of products are designed for an in salon experience. The products are full strength with a high concentration of active ingredients. They have been designed for you to be able to tailor them to suit each of your client’s needs. They are specific and targeted for a professional treatment system. I hope you enjoy using them.”  - Kevin Murphy

Moisture Cruet - LR reduced


For hair that is dehydrated, frizzy or chemically treated.  Add weightless moisture, shine and softness to your client’s hair with this personalised in-salon treatment.   Precious oils and plant extracts will not only hydrate, regenerate and restructure, they will rebuild from the  inside out with no weight, leaving your hair manageable.

The MOISTURE CRUET contains exotic plant extracts such as Moringa Oil that releases over 26 Amino Acids involved in the building blocks of hair.  Gardenia Extracts soften the hair and Mongongo Oil derived from the deepest regions of Africa offer excellent hydrating, regenerating and restructuring benefits.


Strength Cruet - LR reduced


For distressed hair that is weak, brittle and damaged.  Restore strength, thickness and elasticity to hair by using a combination of strengthening proteins and amino acids.  This personalised treatment addresses weak, brittle and damaged hair.  Hair will be revitalised, smoother and more elastic with more body and strength.

The STRENGTH CRUET uses targeted essential Amino Acids to restore strength, thickness and elasticity to the hair.  Soy Protein increases the ability of the hair to bind moisture.  Compositions of Vegetable Proteins are similar to the structure of the hair and will absorb easily to create radiant, strengthened and luminous results.

Elixer LR -reducedELIXIR Strengthens & intensifies each treatment

The ELIXER FLACON is made to strengthen the intensity of the treatment. It contains Sugar Cane extracts, Alpha Hydroxyl acids (AHA’s) and other powerful antioxidants to halt oxidation. We remove roughness by gently buffing and preparing the hair to accept the ingredients essential to moisture and strength.

Think of the ELIXIR FLACON as the Magic – the power behind MOISTURE and STRENGTH.  The combination contains volatile ingredients that come alive in the hands of the stylist, offering a custom in-salon treatment.

KEVIN.MURPHY Experiences (KMX)

Make this a part of our signature KEVIN.MURPHY Experiences (KMX) to ensure beautiful, healthy and renewed hair.

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