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A Firm elastic paste to create a loose, undone, natural look. UN.DRESSED contains ingredients that are designed to stretch and spring back, making it movable while still giving the hair definition.

Infused with Black Pepper, Honey, & Ivy extracts for a matte texture.

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Buy:  11 UN.DRESSED 100ml

Get:    1 x UN.DRESSED 100ml 1 x UN.DRESSED POS Stand 2 x “Get UN.DRESSED with KEVIN.MURPHY” T-Shirts


A message from Kevin:

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to give you some inside information on UN.DRESSED and some great tips on how to use it and what I discovered whilst making it

UN.DRESSED has a dry matte texture that does not weigh the hair down and works equally well on damp or dry hair.

UN.DRESSED is sort of a FULL.AGAIN, for guys, it’s thickening but has the added benefit of adding a matte, dry, texture to the hair as well as flexible hold.

If you want you hair to get really thick apply it to damp hair and dry it using a hairdryer and watch your hair become massive! UN.DRESSED is also great for naturally curly hair when applied to damp hair. It defines the curl and thickens the hair without any frizz creating volume that you can touch.

UN.DRESSED is really made for “that long-short hair style” or a medium length style.

I made it for those who like to have a “no product feel” and who want more thickness in their hair with a softer more natural matte finish.

Originally I intended this product to be just for boys, but when I was testing it I discovered that women loved it because it gave their hair thickness and added texture.  They also loved the fact that they could have touchable hair but still get a gutsy separated look.

It works great on girls with both long and short hair.  The texture of the product and the weightless flexibility makes it add thickness and a matte texture without any greasy feeling.I’ve used it on bobs to give it a gentle soft sensual texture. It’s for that day old lived in look without the dirt.

So girls instead of borrowing your boyfriend’s sweater you can now borrow his hair product too because it’s not just for boys.

I’m very excited about this new product and I hope you like it as much as I do.