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Life-long learning is a sure path to success, especially for hairdressers, whose world of trend and fashion changes constantly.

Beauty Solutions honors our commitment as a resource to hairdressers and salon owners by providing exceptional and meaningful education, bringing our clients new skills and methods to grow their business, with in-salon, local, regional and even national events throughout the Western US.

Now, classes and events featuring new ways to approach day-to-day business activities, and build online success, are also on the Beauty Solutions Education menu.

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Alfaparf Master Blonding
Class Content:

  • Perfect the art of blonding with the Platinum Series
  • How to glaze and tone with EOC and Color Wear
  • Features & Benefits of Pigments
  • How high-lift blondes work and how to achieve the best results

Master Colorist 2:
Class Content:

  • Become a Master Hair Colorist!
  • A hands-on class for tackling even the toughest gray hair
  • Get creative by customizing formulas for your red or fashion color clients



Alfaparf Color Correction
Class Content:

  • Understanding color correction by using all aspects of Alfaparf Milano’s color, Evolution, Color Wear, Pigments & Super Meches
  • Rules of color correction and what are common causes of color problems
  • Hands-on practice on a mannequin head. Taking Four different colored quadrants and turning the hair back to one color

    Alfaparf Universe of Color
    Class Content:

    • The theory of cosmetic coloring
    • Features & Benefits of Evolution permanent color, Color Wear demi-permanent color, rEvolution semi-permanent color & Pigments
    • Selecting colors, formulation, and development times
    • Color consultation & model application

    Alfaparf Pigments and rEvolution
    Class Content:

    • Hands-on class using Pigments and rEvolution color
    • Review of color theory
    • Features & Benefits as well as how to use Pigments & rEvolution for the best results
    • How to use Pigments with everything!


    Color.Me Classes:

    Color.Me Freestyle Lightener Techniques
    Class Content:

    • Utilizing fundamental freehand techniques, this course introduces you to Freestyle.Lightener and illustrates its ease and simplicity of use
    • Four techniques that feature new approaches to balayage, foilage, baby lights and contour coloring
    • Learn practical techniques that can be used in the salon everyday for natural, easy to maintain color.
    “Our new Freestyle.Lightener with its unique technology, the functional colour palette and precision brush allows for precise and artistic colour placement like never before. Seamless and dimensional results without the need for seperators or foils for tremendous colour without the waste.”
    -Michael Jung
    Color.Me Director of Education Europe

    Color.Me Demo
    Class Content:

    • Experience the concept and performance of Color.Me
    • Why Color.Me is unique and different
    • Product portfolio and color tools
    • Formulation and application on a model

    Color.Me Foundation Hands-On
    Class Content:

    • Why Color.Me is unique
    • Review of Color Theory as it applies to Color.Me
    • Product portfolio and color tools
    • Proper formulation, mixing ratios and hair diagnosis
    • Formulation and application on a model 2.0
    Class Content:

    • Foundation Review and core principles
    • Client consultation and hair analysis
    • Color balancing and multi-tonal coverage for grey hair
    • Refining and toning for blonde hair
    • Removal of color and re-pigmenting lightened hair
    • Troubleshooting for too dark, too light, warm roots, too cool, coverage issues
    • No color effects will be done at this class


    Eleven Classes:

    Pop-Up Cutting
    Class Content:

    • Teaches two trend driven, consumer friendly haircuts in 3 hours
    • Each haircut is broken down into eleven easy-to-follow steps
    • Practice both looks on a mannequin

    Pop-Up Styling
    Class Content:

    • Create the ultimate “done but undone” styles that can be immediately transported back to the salon floor
    • Practice these modern yet timeless hairstyles on a mannequin
    One Girl, ELEVEN Looks 05.jpg


    Hotheads Classes:


    Hotheads Concept
    Class Content:

    • Add Hotheads to your service menu so you can make more income
    • Why Hotheads? What makes them different from other extensions?
    • Demonstration and instruction of a full length and volume application on a model
    • Removal and rebonding
    • Cutting and blending
    • Stylist do’s and dont’s
    • Client consultation and home care of the extensions

    Hotheads Artistry
    Class Content:

    • How to use Hotheads Tress Couture hair pieces and The Band™ to provide clients with quick, trendy hair effects
    • Learn how to add pieces to create length, fullness, fill in bald or thinning areas, and create ombre effects
    • How to cut, color match, and provide proper placement techniques for both Tress Couture hair pieces and The Band™
    • Suggested pricing and consultation of hair pieces and The Band™
    • Business building ideas and marketing suggestions


    Kevin.Murphy Classes


    Class Content:

    • Designed to highlight how to use Kevin.Murphy tools to create iconic styles or client friendly looks
    • Product cocktailing ideas to obtain a new finish

    Class Content:

    • Introduction to the Kevin.Murphy culture, philosophies, and products
    • Cocktailing and layering suggestions
    • How to comfortably recommend products for clients
    • How to connect with Kevin.Murphy on social media for updates and inspiration
    • Demonstration of a look from the latest seasonal collection

    Class Content:

    • Foundation for creating Kevin.Murphy looks with a strong, well-executed blow dry
    • Learn even sectioning & well-positioned brush work
    • How to successfully manipulate hair with a brush, a comb, and a dryer

    Class Content:

    • How to promote and use Treat.Me to create an in-salon experience for your clients
    • How to diagnose, mix, and apply the treatments customized for every client

    Cut.Me Straight.Edge
    Class Content:

    • Learn to refine your skills in body position, projection and sectioning
    • Advanced cutting techniques will be demonstrated and utilized
    • Gain exposure to cutting with purpose and passion to produce quality haircuts

    Cut.Me Curved
    Class Content:

    • Learn how to use the curved scissor to cut movement and shape into the hair at the same time
    • Blend of precision and free form techniques that will revolutionize the way you think about haircutting
    • Leave with a clear understanding of the infinite possibilities of line, form and texture


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