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Double Your Color Business - starting today!

MEGIX10 delivers beautifully reflective, dimensional color and complete grey coverage in a fraction of the time as other color brands. Formulated with Micro-Pigment Technology and Fision-KeraVeg18 to lock color in, MEGIX10 provides beautiful, vibrant, long-lasting color in 80 shades.  With this new, non-progressive technology, there’s no worry that you’ll get anything but exactly the color you wanted. Imagine offering your clients the opportunity to cut their color visits in half!  Or, add lunch-hour color touch ups to your service menu.


Why is Megix10 Special?

  • New, non-progressive technology won’t keep processing

  • Whether you are fast or slow, hit your target color every time!

  • Beautifully reflective and dimensional results

  • Long-lasting color, vibrancy, & shine

  • Demi & permanent color in a single 3.5oz tube

  • Helps to minimize your space and investment

  • Allows for easy color match for mid-lengths & ends.

  • 100% gray coverage

  • 80 beautiful shades (74 Natural & Fashion shades + 6 High-lift).

  • Outstanding condition and healthy hair

  • Easy to learn, easy to use

When can you use Megix10?

  • Add lunch-hour root touch-ups to your service menu

  • Perfect for fast application around extension services

  • Squeeze-in those “emergency” appointments

  • Take that surprise walk-in

  • Save your schedule when someone shows up late

  • Add 3-4 additional color clients today

  • A perfect added service in a blow dry bar

  • Perfect men’s grey blending.

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VERY IMPORTANT - Must know (see swatch book) 

  • .0 is the Natural series. It is “neutral”, but slightly cool (see color wheel for specifics)

  • .00 Intense is a warmer Natural series, yellow orange to cancel blue and be more warm
    (.00 Not to be confused with other brand’s use of .00 Intense, for resistant grey hair)



  • Megix10 Developers come in: Fix 6vol, 12vol, 21vol, 32vol and 40vol

  • 5 minute semi application: mix 1 to 1.5. Use Fix 6v developer (no lift) (Deposit Only)

  • 5 minute demi application: mix 1 to 1.5. Use 12v developer (up to 1/2-1 level lift)

  • 10 min permanent application: mix 1 to 1. Use 21v (2 levels lift)

  • 10 min permanent application: mix 1 to 1. Use 32v (3 levels lift)

  • 20 min high lift application: mix 1 to 2. Use 40v (4 levels lift)

  • Need intense grey coverage?

    • Mix 1 to 1, adding 25%-50% of Natural (.0) series with target shade

  • Need extra level of lift? Use 0/00 extra level of lift enhancer

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Try me kit:

Kit includes:

MUST KNOW:  If you purchase the Megix10 Try-Me Kit, you will receive the 21 volume developer.  However, if you want to go from light to dark, please also order the Fix 6 vol or 12 vol, so you can deposit-only and get the awesome results you want.

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