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Join the rEvolution

AP Revolution SliderJoin the rEvolution for an explosion of color creativity!

Color is power! A revolution in creativity celebrates the power of color. To play, to experiment, to personalize every client’s look with ease of direct placement.

Now with only 8 shades ( in new 3.04 oz. tubes ) you can create an incredible variety of signature colors, from extreme colors to soft, shimmering pastels.  Reduce your color inventory and expand your direct color palette by using our fun and easy color mixing chart.  Plus, use our clear formula for customizing intensities.

NEW! rEvolution TRY ME KIT

INTRODUCTORY OFFER Purchase: 7 rEvolution JC Tubes (1 of Each) Receive as a Gift: 1 rEvolution JC Clear 1 Poster 1 rEvoution Brochure 1 Technical Pantone Card


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